Embedding a "Business Partner" model of working

Faced with a major re-organisation this client wanted to bring its leading IT & business process professionals together to reflect on the future business challenges and embed a “Business Partnering” model of working within the team. PPI worked with the team to develop a shared understanding of a “client-centred” management approach and explore the key linkages between the IT and Business Process roles.

Critical to this was the question – “do we see each other as clients?” The unique manner of the working relationship between the two roles meant that success could only come if there was a mutual sense of respect and understanding between the two. In the past there was a feeling that the IT group were somewhat remote from the business and sat in an ivory tower whereas the business process staff were closer to the business and so had a better understanding of what was required.

Our programme helped to bring the two teams together by exposing them to the notion of an internal Brand and demonstrating how by operating a common client management approach they could significantly improve their influence and impact on the business. Individuals were then trained in a range of influencing skills and business partnering techniques that helped to further bring the team together.

The session was deemed a huge success with the client describing the development session as in the “top three of his entire career”