International Coaches - Performance Coaching - Developing Skills - Persuasion Techniques - Coaching for Business

We are a network of experienced international coaches developing skills and providing performance coaching and the skills for working in complex organisations such as persuasion techniques. Coaching for business is important for us and we bring solutions and value to Medium and Small International

International Coaches delivering increased performance
The Performance Plus International (PPI) Network is a network of international consultants and international coaches. Our mission is to provide the additional element to bring good performance to an extra level.  We will help you build your competitive organisational success through developing skills and performance coaching.

Complex Organisation Skills
We build the skills and competence to work effectively in complex organisations, especially those with a matrix way of working. This context requires additional skills and approaches for achieving desired results for the business. We frequently work in helping executives, managers and project leaders in building influence within their organisations through developing their interpersonal effectiveness, influencing skills and persuasion techniques.

Coaching in Business
Our international coaches provide executive business coaching which addresses specific skill development or provides a more transformational experience to enable a significant personal change in both business performance and interpersonal effectiveness.  We also support the concept of the “coaching executive” as an important element of achieving high performance in a team or organisation. Coaching for business and coaching in business is critical for superior performance.

Supporting Medium and Small International Companies
Our specialty is bringing solutions and value to Medium and Small International Companies. Often operating with very lean internal resources our expertise and support enables them to develop and deliver business enhancing solutions.

Our Skills and Feedback Tools
The PPI Network members and associates are skilled in delivering leadership skills training, manager coaching and team coaching. We often employ tailor made 180° and 360° feedback instruments in our leadership courses to provide objective feedback for guiding individual growth and development to superior performance.
We have a solid track record over the past 12 years of providing organisational development and group development that makes a difference to a client base of international and global companies. We bring the right combination of international consultants and expertise together to address the specific client performance need.