Team Coaching

The VP president of a global specialty chemical company required to reorganize his division which would include some significant changes for both his immediate team and the wider team in terms of both activities and reporting relationships. His division was responsible for generating more than Euro 250 million annually and so was a significant element in the business success of the company. The PPI Team worked with the VP to investigate the perceptions of both key team members and the overall team to the prospective re-organisation.

Executive Coaching

Tackling an Issue – Our Executive Coach Mark Thomas met with a senior European executive of a Global Company and helped him to identify and address issues about how he behaves and is perceived by subordinates and colleagues from different cultures within the company. This required 3 half day meetings over a period of 9 months.

Leadership Skills Development for the European Organisation of a Global company in the Food and Trading Industries.

The company places a strong emphasis on "Leaders developing Leaders" in its leadership development programs, and has created its own Leadership Academy in which next level managers take a strong role in participating and assisting in the development of leadership skills at lower levels.

Developing High Potentials For the Industry Division of a Global Company in the Retail Sector – The Industry Division employs 16,000 people in 7 countries.

The PPI Network were invited to help identify a program structure for development of Management Potentials for the future. The program, in five modules, was launched in order to ensure that the company will be able to support it's growth with well prepared managers and future leaders in the various management positions that will have to be filled for sustaining success. The first program was very successful and the company decided - despite the global business and financial turmoil - to continue the program.

Developing High Potentials For a Division of a Large European Multinational in the Paper & Packaging Industry – The Division employs 6,000 people in 7 countries

The challenge that the Division faced in was the imminent retirement of a number of senior executives and limited or no internal succession. The need was to rapidly develop a group of high potentials to be able to succeed in senior management roles. The PPI network were invited to work with the HR team to design and deliver a process to facilitate this rapid development. The process over two years consisted of:

Developing Experienced and Seasoned Leaders For a Global Company in the Water Handling Industry with 3,200 employees in 30 countries.

Our client a leading international provider of plumbing and indoor climate systems for the residential and commercial building markets. The PPI Network were invited to develop and deliver a leadership program that would support both strategy implementation and creating a unified culture and company from a diverse groups of units. The company was the result of a number of acquisitions over the previous years and had a variety of cultures, styles and business approaches. The leadership development was one element in creating a common language, tool box and culture.