The PPI Network were invited to help identify a program structure for development of Management Potentials for the future. The program, in five modules, was launched in order to ensure that the company will be able to support it's growth with well prepared managers and future leaders in the various management positions that will have to be filled for sustaining success. The first program was very successful and the company decided - despite the global business and financial turmoil - to continue the program. Through the program the company seeks to link the strategy and business objectives with the personal goals of managers and management potentials by enhancing knowledge sharing between business areas and countries in order to leverage ideas and expertise for optimal value building.

The Program Content;

  • Module I: Creating Conditions for Excellence in Performance & Growth
  • Module II: Leading Change through People
  • Module III: Our Way Forward
  • Module IV: Project Development Module
  • Module V: Action & Change

The final module includes project presentations for solutions of business projects initiated by Group Management.