In business since 2000 the PPI Network has built up many years of performance as an important resource for client organisations.

We have made a contribution to organisations, teams and individuals being more effective through:

  • leadership training and company event facilitation for senior executives to facilitate effective understanding and implementation of strategy;
  • high potential or designated talent development to more rapidly equip them for positions of senior responsibility and bolster retention;
  • team development for both large and small teams to facilitate increased team effectiveness and impact;
  • business partner skills development for functional professionals including HR, IT and Finance;
  • coaching skills development for managers to equip them to have productive coaching conversations;
  • executive coaching to enable individual executives to realize more of their potential;
  • influencing and persuasion skills development for managers who need to have impact in matrix type working environments where they do not have positions of authority but still need to inspire performance from colleagues;
  • tailor designed 360° instruments to give leaders and managers effective feedback, both quantitative and qualitative, on their perceived strengths and areas for development when assessed against the desired company leadership behaviours;
  • team assessment in 13 languages through a confidential on line process providing a report with a snapshot of how the team members perceive the team is working on key dimensions;
  • tailor made training packs for use by internal executives and managers to build skills in a more cost effective way or to roll out a key strategic initiative.

The experience of the network spans Europe, North and South America, Africa, The Middle East and Asia. We are used to working with very diverse groups.