An Anglo-Scot, Andrew has been living and working outside the UK since 1988. Having started life in marketing, he was awarded an EU scholarship to study Japanese in 1988, on the Executive Training Programme (ETP)  in Japan. This took him for the first time to Tokyo which then became his home for the next ten years. Following the ETP programme, he worked for three years in business development at a shipping and logistics company before moving to work as Operations Controller at Rover Japan. There he was directly responsible for a number of organisation development and change management projects, including spending over two years in charge of the turnaround of the largest Rover Japan service workshop in Tokyo. He went on to be responsible for the development and implementation of a new company strategy at a time when sales - despite the economic difficulties - were growing at over 30% per annum.

In 1998, he transferred to Munich to work at BMW AG, as Manager, International Management Development. He developed, launched and codelivered a series of training programmes and leadership interventions, including coaching, to improve the BMW Group managers' international capabilities. From 2005, Andrew was responsible for Senior and International Executive Development. He worked closely with some of the world's top business schools, and, notably, developed and launched a new senior management programme with Oxford Said Business School. These experiences combined with his experiences in Japan have equipped him with a strong capability in addressing the needs of developing talent both individually and collectively.

Since 2008, Andrew has worked as a freelance Trainer, Coach and Consultant based in Munich with a local and international client base. Andrew is a certified Business Coach (IHK Munich/ Dr. Bjorn Migge and Peter-Christian Patzelt), Change Management Consultant Neuwaldegg) and is a licensed DISG, HBDI and TMS trainer. He has an M.A. in Modern History and an M.Sc. in Training and HRM. He has been teaching at Munich University of Applied Science on the Master's Programme "Intercultural Collaboration and Cooperation" since 2002.

He works and trains in English, German and Japanese.