Gerry Buckley
managing partner

Gerry Buckley is a Managing Partner of Performance Plus International (PPI) and a founding member of the PPI Network. He has a depth of experience in management development and training built up over many years, initially in Ireland, then in Africa and for the last 25 years in Europe based in Belgium. His areas of competence include organizational change, leadership development and competence development that supports and enables strategic plans and business needs, individual executive development and growth, team development and facilitation.

He works with a dynamic client base of International and Global companies including among others Ahlstrom, Cargill, CBC Banque, Höganäs, Fazer, KBC, Lundbeck, SCA, IKEA Industry, and Paroc. He has experience of working in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa as well as North America.

He has facilitated teambuilding processes and workshops for a range of organisations and teams including:

  • Egmont – for the UK management team in London and for the Asian management team in Bangkok.
  • NC3A – for CAT 5 and supported the team building process with CAT 4.
  • Deutsche Bank – for the corporate sales team in Belgium.
  • Paroc – for specific teams as part of a wider leadership program.

He has been responsible for designing, managing and facilitating/coordinating extended development and management programs for:

  • Ahlstrom - a four module leadership development program to support business strategy execution.
  • Cargill – a two module management development program with pre and post work and a strong emphasis on practical application of skills and tools learned.
  • Egmont Group – a three module executive development program and a three module young manager program to build practical leadership skills.
  • Fazer – two separate programs over three modules one designed to deliver strategic and business skills to the top 40 executives and the second to deliver practical leadership skills and behaviours to the top 250 managers. In order to maintain continuity and consistency these programs have been integrated and updated and are now being delivered to new entrants at senior level.
  • Höganäs – designing and delivering a three module process as part of a Business Academy to further develop key skills of front line sales personnel globally.
  • K&H Bank - designing and developing a leading edge Leadership Academy for the top 100 managers.
  • Lundbeck – designing the Leadership University concept to address Senior and Middle Management development needs consistent with the growth and direction of the company’s business strategy.
  • Paroc – a three module leadership program for the top 100 managers designed to facilitate the organisation achieving Great inspired by the Jim Collins book “Good to Great”.
  • Uponor – a four module Global Business program for the top 100 global managers designed to form an important part of the integration and organizational development of the company

The emphasis in all these programs and other individual interventions has been on practical implementation and positive impact on the business of the company.

Gerry is certified Level 2 Euro Test User Certificate accredited by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) and is certified to use a number of Psychometric Instruments including MBTI, 15FQ+, Firo B, Team Management System, Saville Wave, Change Style Indicator and Influence Style Indicator among others.

Prior to forming PPI Gerry worked in various roles with Management Centre Europe mainly in training and development consulting and client management providing a range of management and organisation development services to client organizations. In more than 10 years with MCE he has worked with a wide range of industries and companies and in many parts of Europe.

Holding a Business Studies Degree and Master of Business Studies Degree from University College Dublin Gerry worked in advertising in Ireland before spending a significant period as a training specialist with the Institute of Public Administration, the public sector training body in Ireland. During this time he was involved in institutional development and transfer of training skills programs with NIPA in Zambia and SLIPAM in Sierra Leone that involved a number of 4 to 6 week assignments in these countries over a period of years. In addition he developed and managed two extended programs for participants from Africa and the Middle East in Hospital Administration and Health Services Administration with participants drawn from Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, The Gambia, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Libya and Liberia.

He also worked for two years in Africa in Human Resources Consulting with Deloittes based in Lusaka and part of the HR Team for Southern Africa.