Ludmila Kostandova

Business and Executive coach, Ludmila conducts coaching, training and facilitation with senior and high potential leaders and teams.

She accompanies leaders operating in multicultural contexts on development of their strategic leadership skills: enhancing their capacity for self-management, self-presentation, development of their interpersonal effectiveness and excellence in their ability to mobilize and motivate multicultural teams, achieving breakthrough results by integrating  in their leadership style mentoring and coaching skills, expanding their zone of influence and increasing the impact of their image and communication, enhancing their ability to manage time, stress, and work-life balance.

For  more  than  a  decade,  Ludmila  accompanied  the  implementation  of  strategic  initiatives  and change programs of private and public companies around the globe:

  • Starting off as a M&A specialist, Ludmila participated in and conducted a large number of cross border deals at GimarFinance and then at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). She consulted on assets valuation, business and transaction strategies to public and private clients in France and internationally in various sectors including financial, engineering, nuclear, paramedical, food...
  • Ludmila’s passion for accompanying change and organizational transformation led her to move to  the People & Change division  of  PwC.   She  led  post-M&A  cultural  transition  and  leadership programs  for  large  French  public  institutions,  such  as Conseil Général des Hauts-de-Seine, Conseil  Général de  Gironde,  Haute Autorité de  Santé,  and  conducted  over  500  hours  of leadership training and executive coaching.
  • After PwC she moved to Koch Industries, the USA-based multinational petrochemical group, as International  Compliance  and  Ethics  Director.   She  led  the  transformation  of  compliance  and ethics culture within the group’s European and Asian subsidiaries by designing and implementing a new compliance structure, building up and training an international team of experts to embed lasting cultural transformation.

Today Ludmila runs her own consulting & coaching company. She is Associate of the Centre for Inspired Leadership(UK), member of the international network of certified consultants in Cultural Transformation  Tools of Barrett  Values  Centre (USA)  and  of  certified  consultants  in Team Management  Systems. After  serving  as  Board  member  of  the  International  Coach  Federation  in France, she has been elected to the European Leadership position for the ICF EMEA Region. 

Ludmila holds a Masters in Finance & Economics from the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Paris) and is a certified Financial Analyst from the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies.   She  has  trained  with  Paul Watzlawick and  Richard Fisch at  the  Mental  Research Institute  of  Palo Alto  (California)  and  holds  a  diploma  of  Systemic  approach  to  change  from  the Institute Gregory Batson (Belgium) and a Masters in Business Coaching from International Mozaik (France).

Ludmila  has  multicultural  origins  –  Russian,  Armenian,  British  and  French  –  and  is  trilingual speaking fluently French, English and Russian. Ludmila is married for 18 years and lives with her husband in Switzerland.