Nils Munck

Nils has more than twenty years of senior management experience developing and adapting HR organizations, systems and processes to strengthen the execution of business strategies and company performance. He has been part of the Top Management Teams in several global companies having the dual roles as overall HR responsible and company business executive.

Nils has a broad HR Toolbox – both from an HR operational perspective and as an HR Strategizer - reflecting the fact, that he has been responsible for HR management at all organizational levels both in times of growth and during times of consolidation. He has introduced global and local procedures and policies, re-shaped HR organizations and – perhaps most important – gained extensive experience linking HR to business objectives by applying the right support at the right time.

At a time, when HR and Communications started to establish strategic alliances in many, large companies, Nils was Vice President, HR in a media company and had the possibility to team up with a very pro-active and HR oriented group of Communications colleagues. Subsequently, he has been in charge of Communications as an integrated "HR discipline" himself. He has carried out training and run development projects for senior and middle managers in many parts of the world with a focus on the people management role, company business strategies, values and culture.

He is energized by the challenges of change and renewal; building new organizational structures, facilitating cooperation of teams, releasing the potential of skilled people, “translating” Business Strategies into HR action plans. And equally importantly: challenging business managers with the consequences of changing demographics and communication platforms.

His corporate career includes periods of senior management responsibility in Novo Nordisk A/S, Egmont International Holding A/S, H Lundbeck A/S and KCI Medical. Nils holds a Master of Science from the University of Copenhagen. He has a Certified Teachers diploma, is an examined Lead Auditor ISO 9001, and has undergone HRM training at UCLA. He speaks Danish as his mother tongue and works fluently in English. He can also work in German at a conversational level.