We consider that having a focus on “what is the right solution for the client” is the basis for adding value and supporting performance growth.

How we work is based on our values of growing, caring, sharing, honesty and fun.

Growing – both for our clients and us personally. Growth for our clients is in terms of knowledge, skill, personal motivation, self-actualisation and competence. Growth for us personally includes adding knowledge, skill, insights, competence, and further experiences.

Caring – we care about our clients and our colleagues. We are genuinely interested that they are getting what they require to be successful. We respect the intellectual property of others and especially knowledge and materials.

Sharing – we share openly with each other knowledge, intelligence, skills, etc. that will be of value in bringing success to our clients and enable each other to grow further.

Honesty – we are open and honest in expressing our views and in ensuring that the other person understands our assessments. Honesty on all issues while difficult and challenging at times is the only way to sustain long term relationships which is a core of our philosophy of working.

Fun – our work must be fun and engaging for us giving us positive and energising feedback and an environment of enjoyment.

In our way of working our approach is to:

  • challenge constructively to identify needs and not just react to wants expressed by the client
  • be flexible and match the pace that suits the client – fast or slower
  • be professional to challenge a direction that we consider, in our experience is inappropriate, even if it may cause us short-term pain
  • be supportive to help the client achieve her or his objectives
  • be open to work with others including competitors if this is in the interests of the client
  • be a partner – in that we develop solutions with the client and within the constraints the client requires to manage
  • be humble – we do not have all the answers, so sometimes we need to step back
  • be consistent – deliver what we have promised and agreed to on time to the right level of quality