How support function professionals can develop their skills in order to have greater business and strategic impact

The pressure is now on all support functions. Whether you are from IT, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, HR, Communication or another support area, outsourcing, consulting and offshoring contracts are eating into the traditional security that your role enjoyed. It is no longer sufficient to deliver good transactional services. In today’s environment if you are not adding value it is not long before someone starts asking challenging questions about the value added contribution of your function or unit.

Business leaders want more from their support professionals. They require  a more proactive and challenging contribution that forces other managers to think about how they are leveraging their expertise for future business success. New business requirements need new skills and competences.

A complete skill set including business partnering and consulting skills are therefore essential for those specialists who want to move beyond the role of a “technician” to that of a value added business adviser. Here we provide knowldge and insights to help you step up to the next level.