An intense experiential experience in leadership

This program is a three day intensive leadership experience on a real company business issue. It takes a half day to set up at the beginning, a half day to de-brief at the end and two days in between to run the experiential exercise. It is a real live practical test and experience in active leadership for the participants where they get direct feedback. The outcome is individual awareness of leadership strengths and areas for development and the personal gap to be overcome to achieve the next level. The experience also releases tremendous energy and fosters a closer network and collaboration among the participants. The program is led by two facilitators to ensure that each individual receives substantial feedback. It is a valuable investment that produces powerful outcomes.

  • The process is tried and tested and has demonstrated the results
  • It has been incredibly successful because it is tangible and allows people to think in depth about their individual leadership contribution, based on feedback from all the participants and the coaches.
  • This process combines leadership practice, giving and receiving feedback, reflections on actual skills, competencies and behaviours, and practice in building and leading teams to achieve business goals.
  • On top of this, the intensity of the experience builds stronger bonds between individuals than a normal workshop tends to do.
  • To energize the talent and stimulate them to proactively take charge of their own growth as leaders
  • To generate the right mind set and attitude for growing to a greater leadership role and contribution
  • To build the appropriate knowledge, skills and competence
  • To provide an experience of what will be involved in the next level of leadership and guidelines on how they acquire the skills as well as personal drive required to make it happen
  • To demonstrate how to build a high performance team as a key ingredient for business success
Experiential Approach – Methodology

Using a real life business issue for the company as the subject we create an intense learning experience reflecting real life business reality. This experiential approach includes focused feedback and individual learning. A key component of this process is the opportunity for each individual to exercise leadership in a challenging situation and receive feedback from peers and coaches. The group has a complex task to complete and leadership is moved like a baton across participants. Each participant builds on the previous leaders work, spends an hour leading his or her group forward and then receives feedback from the group on how they did this.

Programme Outline

The program is an experiential process over three days. Topics covered include:

  • Planning
  • Strategic (big picture) thinking
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing and persuasion
  • Conflict Handling
  • Engaging People
  • Performance Management
  • Quality Feedback in Practice
  • Coaching
  • Networking

Participants come away with a heightened awareness of self and what they require doing to reach the next level of leadership.