Tools for giving objective and valuable feedback

There are a wide range of tools available today for enabling leaders to increase their self-awareness and work more effectively with other people.


  • We use a wide range of psychometrics including Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator, Firo B, Change Style Indicator, Saville Wave, Team Management Systems, and DISC, among others

Feedback Tools

  • We also have a range of generic and customised feedback tools which provide 180° and 360° feedback. These are delivered on line and the reports confidentially compiled by PPI Network staff. Many are specifically developed using client values and leadership behaviours to provide appropriate feedback on leadership development programs.

Functional Assessment

  • We also have a feedback instrument for providing the HR function with information on how it's customers perceive the service being provided which is based on current leading edge thinking on the role of HR.