Leaders and managers in today's organisations need to be very self-aware and skilled at interacting effectively and with impact with colleagues and customers. They need to be good communicators, persuaders, negotiators, conflict managers and networkers. These skills are central to their success in their organisational and business roles. 

Managers and leaders are increasingly working in complex organisation structures and face an increased demand to be very effective in persuasion and influence skills to achieve results. The structures may be matrix, network or some other form operating differently than a traditional hierarchical organization structure. In these contexts the exercise of position power is no longer useful and is increasingly counter-productive in delivering the desired results. Managers and leaders need to turn to developing their persuasion and influence skills and tactics in order to achieve their objectives. They require to mobilise support and action from a diverse range of people over whom they have no direct position power. 

How skilled are your managers at being persuasive with their colleagues and others? How conscious and aware are they of their own preferences and behaviour and how this helps and hinders them in being persuasive? Are they skilled in gathering together and maintaining the cross organization coalitions needed to get important objectives achieved? Are they good at identifying who they need to build into their network and how to do it?