Leaders need to focus on developing their people.

It has the positive impact that the more their reports are able to do and take responsibility for the more they can free up the leader to focus on the strategic issues. By developing people and having a clear succession plan in place they ensure continuity for the organization. They should be mentors for key talent and coaches for their direct reports. They should also be providing opportunities for their direct reports to stretch and grow.

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills are important as often managers consider that coaching is about giving the right answer and telling people what to do based on their own experience.  Not giving an answer to the problem or issue is important when in a coaching role.  The objective is to help the person to find the answer for him or herself through a solid technique.  The person both learns how to address issues and problems as well as being more committed to doing something as it is their own solution.

We help leaders to understand their critical role in developing their direct reports. We introduce them to the importance of coaching and how it differs from mentoring and directing, including when, and in what situation, is it best to use each technique. We introduce managers to tools and techniques and how to use them effectively in coaching conversations.

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