The critical challenge for all leadership teams is effectively implementing the strategy that has been developed.

This is an area that is critical for business success. Much has been written in the last 20 years about the importance of execution. Leaders and managers can be equipped to be better in execution through understanding how to effectively engage the organization to execute. They can be skilled to identify what factors will be critical in execution and what key performance indicators they should establish to monitor and track progress. They can also be skilled to engage the people who need to make it happen effectively and be equipped with the tools for leading necessary change. A very useful reader in this area is “Execution – The Discipline of getting things done” by Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy. They have updated the 2003 book in 2012 to take account of the dramatically changed business and economic environment. 

Another valuable source for both thinking and benchmarking on your business strategy execution is the work of Jeroen De Flander. His book “Strategy Execution Heroes” gives a straight forward and easily digestible approach to assessing and planning your execution effectiveness.  His organization “the performance factory” also provides a bi-annual benchmarking survey on business strategy execution which can be very valuable in both Benchmarking how good your company is and also identifying execution weaknesses to be addressed. 

Out approach at the PPI Network is to use examples of successful and unsuccessful strategy execution and sensitize participants to the pitfalls and opportunities. Drawing lessons from these and then applying to their own company strategy implementation. It often is appropriate to talk about performance and performance management as an important ingredient in disciplined execution.  It is also important that they are equipped with an understanding and toolbox in leading change as implementation can also involve significant change. The principles of mobilizing people for change are also valuable for mobilizing people for implementing strategy.

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