How to lead change

This is another area that much has been written about and discussed in the business literature. John Kotter has written a number of books on the subject with perhaps โ€œLeading Changeโ€ of 1996 being the best prescriptive guide. General Electric invested significantly in developing a process called CAP โ€“ Change Acceleration Process. Like other approaches it provides a comprehensive toolbox for initiating and leading change to make it last.

How change affects people

It is important that leaders are equipped with the knowledge of how change affects people and how they can help people to adapt to change. The Kubler-Ross grieving model is widely used to provide a framework for supporting people through significant change. Leaders also need to understand the critical elements in launching and sustaining change.

At the PPI Network we use the Kubler Ross model to help managers understand how change impacts people and the process that individuals go through to adjust and adapt to the change. We also use a proven change tool kit for equipping managers to install change successfully

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