We help high potentials understand how their style of communication is impacting on their relationships.

This starts with self-awareness. We help high potentials understand how their style of communication is impacting on their relationships with their colleagues, subordinates, manager and other stakeholders in their ecosystem and what the consequences and knock-on effects of this might be.

I will often start with Goleman’s Model of Emotional Intelligence. We work through the quadrants to check in where my coachee sees themselves in the areas of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management and what discrepancies there might be in how the coachee rates themselves and what others say.

Golemn Model of Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence.

We then work on closing the gaps by coming up with appropriate goals and associated actions. Once the coachee becomes more self-aware and can , their sense of ‘not-knowing’ and vulnerability starts to lift. This is an important “Aha” moment in their raised self-awareness. At this point, we start to work together on a plan of actions and behaviour to close gaps, build bridges and harness the power of others in their ecosystems to garner positive change and desired outcomes.

I will often use check-lists with my coachee in sessions to help them build frameworks and deepen their inter-personal dialogue with colleagues. Here is an example checklist:


  1. Ask/Prepare/Plan Powerful Questions
  2. Actively Listen
  3. Give concerned challenge in an appropriately assertive way
  4. Use and share my Intuition
  5. Invest in my own physical, cognitive, spiritual and emotional well-being
  6. Use my signature strengths to increase my personal effectiveness with my key stakeholders

These tools are very valuable for helping to provide a framework or structure for the discussion so that the high potential person can review their own behaviour in a logical and fairly comprehensive way. They prompt them to explore their current behaviour and how making changes can bring increased success. 


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