An increasingly common coaching intervention as people grapple with the twin demands of a work and a home life

This has become an increasingly common coaching intervention for me as people grapple with the twin demands of a work and a home life in a world where there is a perception of limited job security coupled with performance targets that are the major measure of success in the job role. 

The need to pay the bills and fuel the modern lifestyle allied to the pressures of social media and the ‘always on’ digital world has put huge pressure on individuals to prioritize work whatever the long term outcome to health and life satisfaction.

8 Key areas of life

We start with a Wheel of life and score the coachee’s level of satisfaction in the 8 key areas of their life which are typically:Wheel of life
i. Friends and Family
ii. Significant other
iii. Personal growth
iv. Fun and Leisure
v. Home environment
vi. Career
vii. Money
viii. Health

This allows us to shine a light on the lower levels of satisfaction and find ways of bringing up these satisfaction levels aligned to a set of actions to bring the changes to reality.

Pinpointing the challenges

The Wheel will usually pinpoint many factors within the coachee’s wider ecosystem that are causing challenges in their work/life equilibrium which can be worked through with me and solutions verbalised and tested with me.

It will often highlight a need for change and many people fear change and particularly to take the first step towards change. It is incredibly helpful to have a coach who is with them through this period of adjustment, holding them accountable but sitting in a non-judgemental, neutral place.


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