The Top 10 Actions for Today High Performance HR Professionals

Mark Thomas, one of PPI’s Lead Consultants and Faculty on Strategy / HR and Business Partnering sets out a challenging list of behaviours and actions that he believes are critical for today’s high impact HR Business Partners.

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  1. Possessing a laser like focus on the critical business issues and how HR can add value to them – cash flow, sales, service, innovation, productivity, employee capabilities and skills
  2. Ensuring that performance shortfalls are held accountable across all aspects of the business
  3. Challenging line managers to make tough decisions when it comes to people and HR issues
  4. Using simple and clear language when communicating with the business – losing the HR speak – PDPs, MDPs, Competences, Blended Learning!!??
  5. Being demanding and decisive – not accepting “second best” or compromising when it comes to HR and business solutions
  6. Having an “informed view” on which employees are key business contributors – and not just the top team!
  7. Arguing for the best people in the most critical and demanding positions
  8. Being persuasive and sometimes pushy with line colleagues – not giving up at the first sign of resistance
  9. Spending lots of time with critical business leaders on their challenges – as opposed to doing HR admin and discussing the “nice to haves”
  10. Cultivate a performance driven culture that is built on the principles of recognition and motivation

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About the Author

Mark Thomas: Leading International Expert on Business Partnering

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is an international business consultant, author and speaker specialising in business planning, managing change, human resource management and executive development. Prior to working with PPI he worked for several years with Price Waterhouse in London where he advised on the business and organisational change issues arising out of strategic reviews in both private and public sector organisations.