Succession Planning – Hot or not?

I must confess that I am in doubt here. My HR heart can very easily understand the benefits for companies in having a structured Succession Planning Process. I see Succession Planning as a strategy for passing each key leadership role within a company to someone else in such a way that the company continues to operate after the incumbent leader is no longer in control. Succession planning ensures that businesses continue to run smoothly after the business’s most important people move on to new opportunities, retire or pass away. Therefore, it makes sense.

Supporting Your Talent - Managing upwards

This coaching intervention is about creating a safe space for the coachee to test new ideas on how to influence their manager without the benefit of ‘title power’. It is often a cause of frustration and centres around the coachee not finding a way of being appropriately assertive. In their communication style, they will typically undershoot and consequently appear evasive or overshoot and consequently appear blunt or rude.

Watch out there’s a consultant about!

It’s a fact of corporate life that external consultants have come to play a significant role in helping many organisations shape or implement new organisation strategies, structures and systems. Understanding how external consultants operate is key to successfully managing critical projects and in turn obtaining value for money. The day to day responsibility for managing these external professionals often falls to internal specialists who work in the HR, IT or finance spaces.

Top Ten Actions for Highly Effective Finance Business Partners

Finance Business Partners are like many other support specialists extremely “time-poor.” Given the highly presurised weekly and monthly cycles that most work under, it’s all too easy to get sucked into the act of just “doing” as opposed to thinking and then influencing strategically. Our work at PPI with many functions reveals some key action points for finance professionals to look out for and execute.