Helping Managers and Leaders develop coaching skills.

There are many skilled executive coaches who are equipped to work in depth with leaders and managers on their career development or an acute intervention to address some immediate behaviour or competence needs. When we focus on managers as coaches this level of skilled knowledge is not the ambition. Rather it is equipping the manager with an understanding and a set of tools to be able to have useful coaching conversations when it is appropriate.

7 Lessons for the Corporate World from the Greatest Team in the World?

Think of truly great sports teams and you immediately think in football terms about Barcelona, Brazil, Holland, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Spain and West Germany. In the USA, they will typically talk about the men’s Olympic basketball team or NFL teams such as the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys or more recently the New England Patriots. By any measure the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team are the world’s most successful sports team.

Leadership – The Critical “LRT” Question

As executive developers at PPI we are often engaged in discussions around the characteristics of good leadership. Most of us will know that in recent years there has been a huge debate around how leadership is supposedly changing. We have all been urged by many gurus, writers and commentators to consider that leadership is becoming much more “collaborative and distributed.” Technology and social networking have been key to driving this notion. We have been constantly advised that old style “command and control” is being assigned to the trash can.

What's your leadership brand

Ask many leaders to think about their personal brand and they’ll struggle with the task. Some will say they’ve never given the idea much thought or that it is for others to judge. But the reality is we all have a brand, whether we think about it or not. What our bosses, colleagues, customers and suppliers say about us is a strong indicator of our brand and it’s probably one of our most important assets.