Why some strategies take the hidden path to success and others never reach the finish line.

The Execution Shortcut by Jeroen de Flander

The value of this book for me is the way that Jeroen captures the key elements of strategy execution in simple and practical ways. Strategy is complex and strategic execution is complex. However he provides memorable shorthand models and images getting to the essentials that every leader responsible for executing strategy should have to hand.

The core message of the book – mobilising Head, Heart and Hands – does not over trivialise strategy execution but gives a very practical way of understanding what is essential for realising it. The 3 H’s as Jeroen labels them may become as well known as the 7 S’s because of their simplicity yet powerful value.

The head connection – people need to be aware of your strategy.
The heart connection – people need to care about your strategy.
The hands connection – people need the energy to push your strategy forwards.

This book is well written and easy to read. Jeroen uses good examples to both illustrate his points and keep the reader engaged. It is full of very good examples and practical tips.

Jeroen has founded the Institute for Strategy Execution - http://i-strategyexecution.org/about/ - the global accreditation body for strategy execution practitioners and leaders who want to be more effective in strategy execution. It is definitely worth a visit as it provides a wealth of knowledge, tips and guidance on mobilising your organisation to deliver your strategy.

Subscribe to the Strategy Execution Institute and join one of Jeroen’s master classes and receive a 10% discount on your subscription by mentioning “the PPI Network”.


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Gerry Buckley

Gerry Buckley

Gerry Buckley is a Managing Partner of Performance Plus International (PPI) and a founding member of the PPI Network. He has a depth of experience in management development and training built up over many years, initially in Ireland, then in Africa and for the last 25 years in Europe based in Belgium.