Confronting the Organisation and People Issues

It is widely accepted that many mergers and acquisitions result in financial disappointment. Company A buys Company B only to sell it off five to six years later as it was not possible to generate the expected synergies or cost savings. Indeed numerous research and business school studies have show M&As to be a high risk business strategy. In this high level report Mark Thomas explains that so often shareholder value is destroyed not at the strategic or deal making phase but rather in the execution and implementation phase. Using many real life examples such as AOL & TimeWarner and Daimler Chrysler he highlights the importance of evaluating the cultural, organisation and people challenges of attempting a merger or acquisition. Too often and despite the widely acknowledged research evidence many senior managers continue to under-estimate the implementation challenges. Mark's report provides a highly focused analysis of the classic traps

and pitfalls to avoid.

Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions,
Organisation Issues, People Issues

About the Author

Mark Thomas: Leading International Expert on Business Partnering

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is an international business consultant, author and speaker specialising in business planning, managing change, human resource management and executive development. Prior to working with PPI he worked for several years with Price Waterhouse in London where he advised on the business and organisational change issues arising out of strategic reviews in both private and public sector organisations.