Quality <-> Diversity - Part 02

We need both quality and divrsity in our organisation population. Ruth explains what happens when we have too mucj of a focus on one of the other or neither. To achieve Synergy and Performance we need a strong focus on both. We also need to be alert to diversity in our clients and avoid stereotyping. We need to check our assumptions about what is normal and adjust to the reality of our client's world.

Diversity and Influencing - Part 01

Being sensitive to the diversity of the individuals, teams and populations we want to influence. People are diverse in terms of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national culture, professional experience. When influencing we need to keep these things in mind. Ruth gives a number of examples of how a lack of understanding of the differences of the target group for influencing leads to a complete failure in successfully achieving the influence objectives.


We provide two quite distinct services under coaching -  We help managers to become better coaches and we coach individual managers to either address particular issues or to realize their potential.