Building a World Class Finance Function

The development of Business Partnering within the finance function has been growing rapidly in recent years. The need to demonstrate more value-added contributions beyond the consolidation and reporting of the numbers is a consistent challenge for many finance professionals. Today’s modern finance function talks of thinking innovatively and becoming a real business change agent. Any finance function is a complex organisation that encompasses many different roles and responsibilities such as management reporting, audit, tax, treasury, investor relations and compliance. The potential for functions to be disjointed, isolated and misaligned is strong. So, transitioning to a fully-fledged business partnering model and role is not an easy one.

Star Trek or Mad Max?

Any corporate leader will need to be resilient in the face of accelerating change and continued discontinuity. The fact is that life in today’s corporate environment is tough and demanding and continues to challenge many in terms of their work life balance and sense of engagement. Life in most corporate environments is arduous and takes a toll on even the most enthusiastic and committed of leaders and that is where individual resilience becomes crucial.

The Execution Shortcut

The value of this book for me is the way that Jeroen captures the key elements of strategy execution in simple and practical ways. Strategy is complex and strategic execution is complex. However he provides memorable shorthand models and images getting to the essentials that every leader responsible for executing strategy should have to hand.

Helping Managers and Leaders develop coaching skills.

There are many skilled executive coaches who are equipped to work in depth with leaders and managers on their career development or an acute intervention to address some immediate behaviour or competence needs. When we focus on managers as coaches this level of skilled knowledge is not the ambition. Rather it is equipping the manager with an understanding and a set of tools to be able to have useful coaching conversations when it is appropriate.

7 Lessons for the Corporate World from the Greatest Team in the World?

Think of truly great sports teams and you immediately think in football terms about Barcelona, Brazil, Holland, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Spain and West Germany. In the USA, they will typically talk about the men’s Olympic basketball team or NFL teams such as the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys or more recently the New England Patriots. By any measure the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team are the world’s most successful sports team.