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We help support function professionals to develop their ability and skill in being partners to the business. We develop their competence as internal business advisors performing to the same level of skill and expertise as external consultants.

Becoming a High Performance Business Partner

We provide a well tested and highly practical 3 day program "Becoming a High Performance Business Partner" for Finance, IT, Marketing, Supply Chain, Communication and other support function professionals who are increasingly recognising the need for being proactive internal business advisors so that they can build the skills to be credible as a partner in business decision making and develop the critical skills of today’s business advisers and functional support specialists. This program is normally lead by Mark Thomas, Nick Kelly or Gordon Downey. For groups larger than 10 we maintain the quality and experience by having a team of two program leaders.

Becoming a High Performance HR Business Partner

This program has a well established pedigree having been the vehicle for successfully building the skills of a wide range of HR professionals in a wide range of global and international copmpanies over the last 15 plus years. By utilising a proven consulting tool kit and current best practice on HR thinking we enable HR Professionals to become more effective in engaging business leaders and managers to drive value added Business / HR solutions in their company. The program is lead by Mark Thomas.