Effective Communication – Changing how you Communicate - Transactional Analysis - Changing Relationships

We help leaders and managers examine their communication style through the lens of transactional analysis to identify what types of relationships they are building with colleagues and direct reports. The mind set they adopt, or which the behaviour of others causes them to adopt, will significantly impact the nature of the results they get from the relationship. This is also very true for functional professionals who are bringing solutions to line managers and organisational units. Are you communicating in a way that causes the others to behave in an adult and responsible way or is your way of communicating generating abdication of responsibility and almost rebellious behaviour?

Using the work of Eric Berne we help leaders and managers review if they are in parent mode or adult mode and the implications of this for how their direct reports or internal clients behave. The outcome for managers and specialists operating in an internal consulting role can be quite surprising and eye opening. They learn that they need to make sure that they have the right mindset when they communicate in order to generate the responses that they wish to achieve.