Developing Talent - Retaining Talent

Developing Talent

We have a solid track record in providing valuable development and learning experiences for high potential and talented young and not so young managers. We use a variety of methodologies depending on what fits for the particular organisation. Some form of objectives feedback theorugh either a development centre or 360° feedback tool is valuable as this particular group benefit significantly from getting feedback. Being younger they will not have been as exposed to experience and feedback as older managers.   

They also benefit from learning experiences that provide them with practical frameworks and models which they can use to consolidate strengths and fill in gap areas. It is alos valuable for them to have opportunities to practice their developing skills and have mentoring and coaching support.

Retaining Talent

The Gallup research provides a very strong case for the role of the manager in maintaining the engagement and commitment of people. How well do your managers demonstrate the 12 elements of great managing? Have a look here if you have not previsously come across them.  (  These conclusions are backed up by very extensive research by the Gallup organization and have very strong face validity in our experience. People leave poor managers rather than organisations and the behavior of the immediate manager is a key factor in retention.

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