The difference coaching can make

Conscious choice
Senior leaders have a significant impact on the business performance, the organization and the culture (how people behave) either directly by their actions or indirectly by how they themselves model behaviours. Ensuring they are fully self-aware and making conscious, deliberate choices is important.

Supporting your talent - career coaching, career change and career development

In these types of engagements, the coach’s role is to offer the coachee a neutral space to work on evolving their career path outside the pressure of the company’s formal performance management process. The coaching sessions will often work in tandem with the company’s formal processes and as such, allow the coachee to gain a more holistic perspective on their career path and direction.

Supporting Your Talent - Managing upwards

This coaching intervention is about creating a safe space for the coachee to test new ideas on how to influence their manager without the benefit of ‘title power’. It is often a cause of frustration and centres around the coachee not finding a way of being appropriately assertive. In their communication style, they will typically undershoot and consequently appear evasive or overshoot and consequently appear blunt or rude.


We provide two quite distinct services under coaching -  We help managers to become better coaches and we coach individual managers to either address particular issues or to realize their potential.